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Palace Zone
First built in 1710,the 49th year duing Kangxi’s reign, the Danbojingchengdian was rebuilt with an aromatic hardwood called manmu by Emperor Qianlong in 1754,his 19th reign year.
 Exteror of Danbojingchengdian 
The Danbojingchengdian(Hall of Simplicity and Sincerity) is the main hall of the Palace Zone in the Mountain Resort. During the Qing Dyansty.It was the site of grand celebuations.Qing emperors also handled court affairs and reveived ministers.princes dukes and foueign envoys here.
Built in 1710 the 49th of Kangxifs reign. the Yanbozhishuangdian(Hall of Refreshing Mists and Waves) was the living quqrters of the Emperors of Kangxi.
This hall was first built in 1711, the 50th year of Kangxi’s reign.
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